Northern Maternal Child Network; Child & Youth Committee

October 20, 2022

1.0 Purpose  

The Child & Youth Committee (CYC) is a standing committee that provides oversight to the child and  youth portfolio of the network. The work of CYC is expected to be relevant to both community and  hospital settings, and attuned to differences in urban, rural and remote parts of the region.  

2.0 Scope & Deliverables  

The Child and Youth Committee will:

 Support and advise the NMCN Steering Committee on regional gaps and planning  recommendation for child and youth health services in Northern Ontario;  

 Collate and disseminate evidence-based practice guidelines and standards to inform the delivery  of equitable, high quality paediatric care;  

 Develop, track and report on key child and youth indicators to promote quality improvement  and accountability;  

 Provide leadership to child and youth Sub-Committees/Tasks forces/Working groups;   Receive regular reports from the Sub-Committees/Task forces/Working groups; and   Identify and advocate for the health needs of the paediatric population in the North.  

3.0 Sub-Committees and Ad-Hoc Working Groups  

The CYC may establish working groups and asks forces with specialized expertise to focus on specific  topics.  

4.0 Guiding Principles  

 Keep the patient/client/family at the centre of all we do;

 Ensure active involvement of members – we share responsibility to get the work done and thus  are accountable to each other and our patients/clients/families/communities